Massage, Facials and Cancer Patients

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Thank you to Los Gatos Magazine for publishing a wonderful  article this past month that talks about The Spa ~ Los Gatos and the developing program it has with Cancer CAREpoint to support clients who are dealing with cancer. 

Though day spas are often thought of as places for pampering and beauty, The Spa ~ Los Gatos takes on a much bigger role than that; one that also includes wellness and education for its clients.

The article published talks about how owner Patti Rice and the staff at The Spa resolve to educate themselves on clients who have special needs and considerations. Those who are dealing with cancer and older clients are two valid examples. Both enjoy the benefits of the services a spa provides, but if paired with providers that don’t understand the nuances of their situations and they might not get the full benefit, or even worse, a negative experience. Partnering with experts such as those at Cancer CAREpoint, a nonprofit affiliated with Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Gatos, CA, ensures the education the staff at The Spa receive is from bonafide experts and, the word also gets out that The Spa can be another block in their support structure.

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It’s after Christmas…

By Patti Rice

Time to take down the decorations, enjoy the presents that were “just right” and carefully arrange to return the gifts which were the incorrect size, wrong color or duplicates of what you already have. The parties are over and thpatti_ricee oh-so-many gifts of sweets consumed or given away . . . thank goodness!  Now it’s time to start a brand new, fresh year. 

One of the things I like to do is clean out the clutter in my work area. My desk gets a good going through and this year I cleaned out my vanity. Half empty tubes and jars that have been hanging around for years . . . well, it seems like years anyway!  When I look at them all, it makes me realize that the trendy, fad products just don’t do the work of the professional products recommended by qualified skincare professionals. These are the products I end up using regularly because they are the ones that clearly have the best results.

 I encourage you to de-clutter your vanity area – be aware of expiration dates and product color and consistency. Any question at all – throw it out. Resolve to save yourself money by staying away from fads, celebrity trends and stick with professional products purchased from reputable retailers.

Are “Instant” Anti-Aging Results Possible?

Visible anti-aging results in as little as 5 minutes? We were skeptical. We at The Spa ~ Los Gatos have a “prove it to us” attitude when it comes to products and non-invasive procedures that claim to have “instant” result that are impressive and readily apparent. We carry the most well-researched and respected brands because we want them to produce results, not empty promises.

So, when the NuFace representative was given some time to show us their Trinity Pro model, which is a device that uses microcurrent technology to lift and tighten the muscles of the face while deeply infusing the skin with nutrients, we were excited and exceedingly pleased with the results. They were quite impressive after only 5 minutes!

We found using the Trinity Pro is not uncomfortable at all, the device is affordable, well made, simple to use and the results are surprising. And, much like the results you see when working out at a gym; with constant use at home the resulting benefits remain longer and look even better.

We have adopted this great little device. (If you have an event that you want to look particularly well put together for in the evening, a morning spa service including microcurrent in the hands of one of our well-trained estheticians WILL make a difference.) And, we’re very excited to offer the same version we use in the treatment room for you to take-home. (The Trinity Pro device that we are offering you as a retail purchase and using in our services is a bit different than the models you can find online. For the same price as the regular Trinity model, the Trinity Pro has more amperage and offers a longer warranty.)

The NuFace website has some detailed pages, with videos, on how it works and how to use it. Take a moment to see how simple it is for yourself by visiting

Or, better yet, ask one of our estheticians to explain and show it to you. We think you’ll fall in love with it just as we did!

Welcome to spring, are you ready for a change? 

Changing not just because spring is here, but because you’re ready and the time is right. Ready to start treating yourself better, ready to ignite a passion that has been just below the surface, ready to take on the challenges you have been carefully eying from that “safe” spot in your life.

We support you and cheer you on! Whether you are hunting down a new career, becoming a more positive person or simply want to create a more simple and organized life, we’re with you.

As a day spa, we are often thought of as merely a place to go when one wants to be pampered. And while we don’t deny that our focus is on you and making you happy, there really is so much more to what we strive to be. We think a better word is sanctuary. A place separate from home where you can go to step back while being refreshed, or healed, or inspired. Our staff is here to make sure your questions, wellness, beauty and self-care needs are taken care of in a manner that builds self-esteem and creates a positive experience for you. We think that makes us a good place to support change.

Once you have made that change, be sure you create the importance around it that leads to continued success. Devise rituals that support it, be uplifting in your thoughts and take good care to replenish body, mind and spirit. You CAN do it! You are a whole wonderful being and whatever path you choose, be sure to have the people and places around you that provide structure you thrive in. We hope that no matter the circumstances, you find the beauty in the world around you and let it lift you and send you on your way, as only spring can.

The Art of Preparing a Bath

Most people know taking a bath can be relaxing – you close the door, are by yourself, and you can choose the ambiance you prefer – music, scents, lights, etc. However, you can begin the relaxation process while drawing the bath – set the perfect backdrop and enjoy the process of doing so.

Take a few moments to plan the perfectly relaxing bath before you jump in the tub. Allow your mind to focus on you, what you like and then set yourself up to do just that.

Try this – take a deep breath, close your eyes and think of the perfect bath. How deep is the water? How dim are the lights? Is there music? Then, make it happen and enjoy the process. While all baths should consider lights, music, reading material, bubbles or not, here are some ideas for various types of baths:

Relaxation – Lavender has soothing and calming properties and has been proven to help alleviate anxiety and enhance sleep. Salts, oils, or bubble bath can be used in the tub. Combine that with a cup of lavender tea and a lavender eye compress and stress relief is assured.

Muscle Stress Relief – Good, old fashioned Epsom Salts can be combined with Juniper Berry for muscle pain or Arnica oil to reduce inflammation which can greatly reduce discomfort. The brand Kneipp makes some excellent bath blends.

Relief from Cold and Sinus Symptom – Eucalyptus bath salts or oil can bring tremendous relief to that stuffy and achy head.

bath_blog_photo copy

Detoxification – Mustard is the age-old home remedy. Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath has been used in England for 40 years and is a combination of Mustard Seed Powder, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Wintergreen and Thyme to eliminate acid waste and balance pH. Excellent for cold symptoms as well.

Deep Cleansing – Find your favorite scent of salt scrub – lavender, citrus, berry, etc. and lightly scrub all over using an exfoliating mitt or loofa – soak for a while more for amazingly soft skin.

Valentine Romance – Bubbles, of course! Rose petals, sparkling wine, candlelight, a small plate of chocolates, and you have all the components of a sensuous, relaxing evening.

A Moment in Time . . . .

by Patti Rice

Wherever you look these days, there seems to be some article, hint or study on “balancing” your life. Balancing work, kids, spouse, down time, friends, personal growth, exercise . . . and now the added stress of finding a way to balance them all!

With all the time and obligations necessary for work and family, how can we ever have downtime for ourselves? I have to be honest here and say I’m among the worst at making time for myself. I’ve always thought my family and my job are far more important than me. And, in many ways I still believe that. However (and that is a big however), I have come to believe what someone told me a long time ago – “What good are you to them if you are no good?” Then it clicked – I have to take care of myself or I won’t be able to take care of them. So, can it REALLY be just as important for me to take time for a quiet walk, time to read, or have a massage as it is for me to work that extra hour or race home for what awaits me there? Yes, oh yes, it really is.

It is scary just how easy it is to lose the balance in life. When work becomes everything you do or home and the kids become your sole identity; sometimes you don’t even realize it’s happened. For me, I find it most challenging to get out my own head and see the imbalance in my life. We tend to forge ahead with the tasks, the responsibilities, checking off the never-ending “to do” list. But, do we ever put ourselves on that to do list? Usually not. Of course, there is always New Year’s when we make a stab at some resolution centered around our weight or health, but do we stick to it? Sadly, we rarely make it past a few weeks. We simply have added more stress by attaching deadlines and goals . . . and more expectations of ourselves.

My advice? Just take a moment whenever you can to be completely present in that moment. Maybe it’s on the drive to work – whether it is a glimpse of the moon or the start of a beautiful day. Perhaps it is noticing the sound of the leaves crunching on the sidewalk as you run an errand or the wonderful scent of dinner just made. Take a moment, breathe in deep, and be totally present for the moment. It’s amazing what just a moment can do to center you. It takes just a moment. One beautiful self-balancing moment. Try it now, just for you.