Wedding season is here. Are you ready?

With the wedding season upon us, it seems pertinent to send out a reminder that in order to avoid wedding stress – whether you are the bride, groom, wedding party member or family – taking care of some things early can really make a difference.

Looking your best for the camera IS important. These are images that are going to be treasured for many  years to come. Feeling your best is even MORE important because to deeply take part in and enjoy the day you need to feel confident, refreshed and positive.

Planning ahead is key. Start with the dinner and wedding date and work backwards from there to pre-book needed appointments. There may be more to think about than you initially realize.

You’ll want to consider:

Hair Style

Schedule a preliminary consultation (especially if the style options include a look you’ve never done before) and your selected stylist for the actual appointment early to be sure of availability and then schedule events around them.


Glowing skin is a must. We highly recommend booking a series of facials and services leading up to the big day so nothing major needs to happen just before the event. This is not only to make sure you have no noticeable  trouble with your skin (body and face) the day of, but to be sure it looks its brilliant best on that day.

A good plan:

  • A series of facials. Consult your Esthetician on what would be best for you and the timing.
  • The Body Bliss exfoliating, nourishing and moisturizing treatment. About 5 days out.
  • Paraffin for hands and feet. Summer shoes tell all. On the last of your facial series book the Paraffin Wax add-ons.
  • Waxing. Not to be done the day before or of! Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate and amount. Don’t get this too early, but make sure your brows are shaped to perfection and body hair isn’t an issue.
  • Massage. There is a lot going on, but if you can add a massage a few days before all the festivities start, the stress relief is amazing. It will help with energy levels and provide the nurturing you’ll need to keep a happy frame of mind.

To all the brides and grooms out there, we wish you the most brilliant and blessed future together!

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