The Anti-Aging Powerhouse Everyone Should be Using

by Patti Rice, Owner, The Spa ~ Los Gatos

As the owner of a well known day spa, I am often times asked, “What is the most important thing you can do to help your skin stay younger looking?”

There is an extraordinary variety of products, technological breakthroughs, and treatments employed in the battle on aging skin, but I would have to honestly say the number one thing you can do is use sunscreen. Yes, that simple. Preventing damage caused by the sun by using a powerful, effective sunscreen is the singular most important anti-aging habit you can cultivate.

These days there are some excellent choices in facial sunscreen; it’s no longer necessary to have a nose covered in glaring white zinc oxide.  Now you can choose from a variety of SPF levels, tinted lotions, physical blocks, and luxurious smelling options – for both men and women. (Yes, it is just as important for men to use sunscreen as it is for women.) I cannot stress it enough – get a good quality sunscreen and use it every day. Every single day – rain or shine. My personal favorite is Jan Marini’s Daily Face Protectant, SPF33.  Smells wonderful, luxurious feeling as you put it on and is actually provides a very nice base for make up. It is my husband’s first choice as well. Many people also like the Epicuren line as it is all-natural and feels nice (not greasy or heavy) on the skin.

For those of us who already have sun damage (I do, from growing up in Santa Cruz – where baby oil for the skin and lemon juice for the hair were standard beach supplies), quality skincare products at home are powerful tools to help reduce the visual effects of damage already done.

With so many product lines to choose from – drug store brands, department store lines, professional brands at spas and skin care stores, the latest fads touted by celebrities – it could be a full time job figuring out which one would work best for you. My recommendation is to stay away from fads and trust well-established, researched professional lines. The cheapest choice isn’t always the best value.  The most substantial difference between professional skin care and drug/department store lines is the percentage of the active ingredients. The professional lines usually cost more because there is a much higher level of active ingredients and this usually ends up being a better value because you actually use less and get better results.

By all means, get outside and enjoy the day, but please remember to make sunscreen a part of your every day skin protection ritual!


Welcome to spring, are you ready for a change? 

Changing not just because spring is here, but because you’re ready and the time is right. Ready to start treating yourself better, ready to ignite a passion that has been just below the surface, ready to take on the challenges you have been carefully eying from that “safe” spot in your life.

We support you and cheer you on! Whether you are hunting down a new career, becoming a more positive person or simply want to create a more simple and organized life, we’re with you.

As a day spa, we are often thought of as merely a place to go when one wants to be pampered. And while we don’t deny that our focus is on you and making you happy, there really is so much more to what we strive to be. We think a better word is sanctuary. A place separate from home where you can go to step back while being refreshed, or healed, or inspired. Our staff is here to make sure your questions, wellness, beauty and self-care needs are taken care of in a manner that builds self-esteem and creates a positive experience for you. We think that makes us a good place to support change.

Once you have made that change, be sure you create the importance around it that leads to continued success. Devise rituals that support it, be uplifting in your thoughts and take good care to replenish body, mind and spirit. You CAN do it! You are a whole wonderful being and whatever path you choose, be sure to have the people and places around you that provide structure you thrive in. We hope that no matter the circumstances, you find the beauty in the world around you and let it lift you and send you on your way, as only spring can.