Spa, It’s a Guy Thing….

People are often surprised to learn that about 40% of our clientele is made up of men. Surgeons, carpenters, athletes (both the weekend type and professionals) and those who spend hours at the computer or traveling count on us to keep them feeling healthy, energized and refreshed so they can be at the top of their game.

More men than you think come to us to make sure they are getting the best care they can for their skin, too. Men’s skin is different in many ways than women’s, but proper care is just as important. Sun damage here in California is a cross-gender culprit of many skin and health issues and savvy men stay aware of it. They know that protection as well as proper cleansing and moisturizing is not only the best way to prevent premature aging, but can be a life saving combination when it comes to skin cancers. Here at The Spa ~ Los Gatos, we have designed a facial specifically to address the needs of men.

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Why Use Mineral Makeup?

There are many good reasons to use a quality mineral makeup line, with an emphasis on the word “quality.”  Several lines that advertise being mineral based are made with so many fillers and such a small percentage of the good ingredients that they really aren’t any better for you than a low-end drug store brand.

My personal preference is Jane Iredale – it is marketed as “The Skin Care Makeup” and I’ve been using it for about a year. I absolutely love it.  Even though I’ve hit the 50 mark, my skin can still be fussy with breakouts.  Since I’ve been using mineral makeup, I haven’t had a breakout and my skin looks more healthy and vibrant than ever.

This line uses only the highest ingredients available, so I am very happy with coverage, application and texture.  An added plus is that this mineral makeup provides broad spectrum sun protection.  Pure mineral pigment is used with no fillers (like talc), so the foundation and concealer gives exceptional coverage and requires very little touch up throughout the day.  Only natural preservatives are used, and they exclude parabens and phenoxyethanol.  The top three sensitizers have been removed as well:  synthetic fragrance, petroleum based colorants and synthetic preservatives, so even individuals with extreme chemical sensitivities do not have a reaction.

Even though you may have a layer of foundation on your skin (whether powder or liquid), it allows the skin to breath and function normally and will not block pores.  Hence, no breakouts.

Another major benefit is that you use very little.  Because of the superior ingredients, very little is needed for coverage or color.

A surprise benefit:  You can leave it on at the end of the day and sleep in it and it is actually good for your skin!  So when you are having one of the extra tired nights, or just feeling lazy, you can feel confident that no harm will come to your skin by taking the night off from your usual skin care regimen.

Next time you are running low on your make up supply, I encourage you to explore mineral make up.

Need a Fresh Idea for Spring Makeup? Try the jane iredale Color Sample Kit!

Pure minerals, pure results. The look, polished. The feel, lightweight.

A lovely sampling of some of JI’s best-selling makeup: try foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow and lip color, all in their most versatile shades. This small but sturdy set is the perfect size to keep with you throughout the day for touch ups, or an excellent introduction to this superior makeup line at an extremely reasonable price ($32). This is not your run-of-the-mill mineral makeup line!